My name is Stephen A Jakes and I am a DTO specialist, certified hypnotherapist, certified NLP practitioner and Neuro re-coding specialist.


I’ve spent the last seven years learning and understanding the functions and complexities of the human mind and highly competent in many disciplines within this field.


After many years of study and research, I discovered the missing piece, to what has become a game changer for many people when it comes to mental and emotional health.

So, I Guess I Should Introduce Myself Really……


Where Did It All Start I Hear You Ask?

Originally, I come from and entrepreneurial background having establishing several multi-million-pound businesses within the Tech and Marketing industries as well as living with a somewhat tainted youth. But then haven’t we all


As far as I can remember throughout my whole life, I’ve had to encounter and endure almost everything a human being could have been subjected to, to the point where I had reached total destruction on a mental and emotional level and had finally reached the point where I no longer had the desire to continue living.


On my journey I have experienced and overcome many of life’s traumas, including heart break to someone I truly loved, severe depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts, mental, physical and emotional abuse, drug and alcohol addiction, bereavement of a child, financial fraud and deception in excess of £1 million pounds and relationship betrayal including the loss and departure of my 4yr old son who moved to another country and the list goes on.


These experiences over a period of almost 40 years left me broken and feeling powerless, hopeless and lost, and It was only when I finally reached that point that I had to admit, that maybe I had got life wrong and everything I had done or learnt up to now hadn’t and wasn’t working for me and In fact, was quite the opposite.

I Like Many Other People Fell Into The Blame Game Trap

Where I believed that everything that had ever happened to me was always somebody else’s fault.

But one day I realised the uncomfortable truth, that in actual fact every time something bad happened to me or something went wrong in either in friendships, relationships or business, I was always there, I was always present and that I was the common denominator. It then dawned on me that maybe, just maybe it wasn’t everybody else fault at all but, in reality the cause of all my issues and problems was actually me, and from that epiphany and that realisation was when my miraculous journey of healing, and transformation began.

Initially from the outset I tried many different therapies, psychotherapy and CBT to name a few, Personal development courses, spiritual practices, including crystals, reiki and spiritual healing and of course the good old traditional doctor/medication route where I was consistently told that I had to live with it, deal with it and learn that this stuff would never go away. (Sound Familiar)

I also dedicated many hours to watching YouTube videos looking for answers, as well as working with and listening to coaches telling me that I had to do something external to change the way I felt. Many suggested exercise, change of diet, detoxification programs and juicing, meditation, self love practices, forgiveness and even was told just to let go and surrender to what is. I even had the pleasure with working with some of the leading pioneers in transformational change, including the renowned Dr. Joe Dispenza whose teachings around meditation and neuroscience which allegedly were the latest breakthrough in mental emotional and physical change, to which I heavily invested in, not only in time but also financially in order to heal and resolve everything from my past and present and get back my life back to some kind of normality.

Having dedicated countless days, weeks, years and an extremely large amount of money into these practices, at the end of it all I was actually left feeling in a far worse state than I was before I started this journey.
I had now reached a point where I had exhausted so much energy and resources into resolving my problems without success, that I now reached such a low point where the depression, anxiety, and feeling powerless hopeless and helpless had left me feeling that there was no way out, there was no escape and that nothing was ever going to change.
I again had now reached a point where I felt that I couldn’t continue and just wanted to tap out and end it all. You can imagine my frustration having learnt everything about the human mind,Human behaviour, human emotions and how they work, why we behave the way we behave and do the things we do, but not having a solution to solve it or change it.

But now this is where the story begins to change and how the universe has a funny way of giving you exactly what you need exactly when you need it.


After reaching out to an old friend seeking some advice and help, I encountered a chance meeting one summers afternoon when I was introduced to my now good friend and business partner Jonathan. After the initial formalities and sharing a coffee, I explained to Jonathan that I had spent many years, learning the science and the psychology of human behaviour and the cause of mental and emotional health, how it’s created, where it is stored, and where it exists in every human.
The problem I was presented with at the time was being that I had no solution or technique to change it.

This Is When I Was Introduced To DTO

This is when I was introduced to DTO, a technique created by Jonathan himself. A technique that in actual fact changes, removes, re-writes and deletes all negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours stored in the mind of any individual, and which was the final missing piece of the jigsaw that I had been looking for on this long and arduous journey.

Finally I had found the solution that would not only heal and resolve my past issues and problems but also resolve past issues and problems for almost every individual that walks this planet. In a very short time, I had removed and healed almost every bad behaviour and all the negative feelings from my past including all the limiting beliefs and programs that no longer served me this left me feeling peaceful, calm and happy again with a positive outlook for the future.

I Have now embraced this technique and a whole new way of looking at all mental and emotional illness such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, relationship issues and abuse in all its forms, and using the DTO technique, I have been able to help and heal a substantial amount of people from all around the world, including Saudi Arabia, The USA and Australia solving their issues where they have been told it could not be solved and making the impossible, possible and to date have a 99%  percent success rate with all clients that I have currently worked with.