1. Your Key to Full Transformation and Life Change

This fully comprehensible program allows you to fully immerse yourself into a full healing and life change, for you to create the desired outcomes, to fully transform your life.

Using a proven system and technique, each week we address and heal all past events and issues creating a space to develop and become the best version of yourself.


This will be achieved by removing old beliefs, limiting beliefs and the blocks which prevent you from having and being all that you want to be in life.

Natural Stream

Program Includes 


  1. 1 x 2 Hours Introduction To Change, Initial Consultation And Identification Process.

  2. Timeline Analysis & UDIN Moments.

  3. Cause & Effect (Define Depression, Anxiety, Ptsd, Traumas & Belief System)

  4. Introduction To The Development Of The Human Mind.

  5. Playing Above The Line - OAR-BED

  6. Learn About Pendulums And The Problems They Create.

  7. Access To Inside Out Effect Group

  8. Solution & Resolution – What Is #DTO & How It Works

  9. Ongoing Support.

  10. 11 x 75 minute One To One Clearing & Healing

4 month Program Price £720