The Start of Your Healing Journey

This short intense program has been designed to address and heal a specific mental and emotional health issues related to either depression, anxiety, relationship issues, PTSD and trauma and limiting beliefs.

Hand Touching Water

Program Includes 

  1. 1 x 2 Hours Introduction To Change, Initial Consultation And Identification Process.

  2. Introduction To The Development Of The Human Mind.

  3. Cause & Effect (Define Depression, Anxiety, Ptsd, Traumas & Belief System)

  4. Playing Above The Line - OAR-BED

  5. Law Of Attraction Webinar/Video

  6. Solution & Resolution – What Is #DTO & How It Works

  7. 3 x 75 minute One To One Clearing & Healing

4 sessions Price £400

NOTE - book your first session today and subsequent sessions will be booked with Steve after your First session