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Traumas are one of the areas of life, where past events or shocks that we have experienced are responsible for where we experience or have associated negative emotions and responses.  They also contribute to where we formulate negative beliefs about the world we live in, and those emotional responses attached to past memories and beliefs generally can keep us trapped in the emotional pain every time we are visit them in speech, thought or through an environmental trigger.

If you are currently in the emotional impact of a past or present trauma or loss, the removal or switching off of the negative feelings, emotions or responses associated to the trauma  can be removed permanently using the DTO technique and can get you back to living a happier and more energised life, free from the emotions of the past.

Relationship/Loss Issues

The majority of us have all entered relationships at some point in our life whether business or personal with the best intentions for them to work or be harmonious. But somehow these relationships may have come to an abrupt end, leave us unfulfilled or can leave us devastated where we feel that we cannot continue in life without that person. The effects of relationship loss or breakdown can have a serious impact on our life and we can spend many years in the impact of the hurt, pain and suffering that we believe the other person has caused us.

If you are currently in the emotional impact of a past or present relationship breakdown or loss, the removal or healing of the negative feelings and emotional or responses can be removed permanently and instantly using the DTO technique and can get you back to living a happier and more energised life and free from the emotions of the past.

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The onset of depression can be very sudden or it can develop over a long period of time, either way this can be debilitating for any individual leaving us unmotivated, isolated or alone . It can put serious strain on our relationships especially with our loved ones and also our professional ones. Most people try to manage their depression and live with it or alternatively will go down the medication route usually in the form of antidepressants. While antidepressants can treat the symptoms it will not treat the cause.  Treatment of depression using DTO identifies what actually caused the depression and switches off the triggers, responses and the feelings of the relevant issues which are causing the symptoms of depression.


Anxiety is becoming increasingly common and those people with anxiety will frequently experience intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about every life and situations. In many cases anxiety may involve continuous episodes of feelings of intense fear or terror which can debilitate you and in extreme cases reach peak intensity within minutes and can sometimes lead to panic attacks.

Experiencing anxious feelings of panic, worry and fear generally interfere with our daily activities, and are difficult to manage and control.

Treatment of Anxiety using DTO identifies the cause of Anxiety and switches off the triggers, feelings and responses of the past issues that are causing the symptoms of Anxiety.

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Law Of Attraction 

Do you ever wonder why the Law of Attraction does not work for you??
Well, what the majority of people do not realise is that there is an opposite to the Law Of Attraction which is the Law of Repulsion. Everything is energy and all energy vibrates at a certain frequency. Now when we emotionally vibrate at a certain frequency we attract that of a similar frequency. BUT when we are not aligned with that we wish to attract energetically, emotionally or through our beliefs we will Block or repel what it is we desire or wish to attract in our lives.

Future stepping using DTO Is a great process to remove the emotional blocks and beliefs which are repelling that which we wish to achieve or desire.  By literally removing the doubts or limiting beliefs of that what you wish to have or become, can remove the blocks for the acquisition of your wish or that, what you wish to attract.

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Expert DTO Practitioner 

Stephen A. Jakes has dedicated the last 7 years to ​learning and understanding the complexity of the human mind and how it dictates our emotions, which in turn creates our experience of life.

Stephen is a Neuro Reboot Technician,  Level 1 DTO Practitioner Therapist, Personal Development Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner and has worked with some of the leading minds in the field of neuroscience and behavioural therapy and has been responsible for the healing and transformation of many individuals.

Having overcome many life traumas including severe depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts, mental, physical and emotional abuse, drug and alcohol addictions, bereavement of a child, financial fraud and deception and relationship betrayal, Stephen is well equipped to help the majority of people and has experienced many of the traumas and emotional issues individuals struggle with in their everyday life.




I was introduced to Stephen through a friend of my dad, and at the time was feeling severely anxious, depressed and as though I couldn't achieve anything.

After just a couple of sessions my life is back on track and I feel so much more confident in myself and where i go in life.
He made everything disappear, like a magician for the brain.

Chloe 18 - Essex 

After suffering many years of anguish and a sense of worthessness, I decided to look at alternative treatments, Steve's amazing sessions have totally changed the way I feel and the way I look at life. Steve's professional nature to instantly remove my stumbling blocks have been life changing.

Richard 50 - Essex 

Amazing experience. I’ve been in a negative headspace for well over a year, going to other kinds of therapy and support with little to no effect. With Stephen I went from tears to giggles in less than a couple of hours. I feel liberated from my emotional baggage after just one session. Highly recommended.

Jenni 28  - Essex 


Nathan's Story

Watch this incredible testimonial from Nathan about how Stephen has transformed his life 


Over the course of my career, I’ve been fairly successful in what I put my mind to but never fully unlocked the full level of my abilities. I always felt held back. It wasn’t until I started working with Stephen

did I truly unlock my potential (and still unlocking it).

Essentially, I had played the game of life with one hand behind my back and a head full of traumas. With only 2 sessions I’ve removed and let go of 6 MAJOR triggers that kept me in a state of being used, having only a fragment of my true self-worth, and shedding years of shame and guilt.

Thank you, Stephen, with every session, I feel more in control of my life and can finally play at my highest potential.

Adil Amarsi



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