Severe Anxiety & Depression Healed 

I was introduced to Stephen through a friend of my dad, and at the time was feeling severely anxious, depressed and as though I couldn't achieve anything.

After just a couple of sessions my life is back on track and I feel so much more confident in myself and where i go in life.
He made everything disappear, like a magician for the brain.

Chloe 18 - Essex 

Anguish and Worthlessness Healed 

After suffering many years of anguish and a sense of worthessness, I decided to look at alternative treatments, Steve's amazing sessions have totally changed the way I feel and the way I look at life. Steve's professional nature to instantly remove my stumbling blocks have been life changing.

Richard 50 - Essex 

Amazing Experience 

Amazing experience. I’ve been in a negative headspace for well over a year, going to other kinds of therapy and support with little to no effect. With Stephen I went from tears to giggles in less than a couple of hours. I feel liberated from my emotional baggage after just one session. Highly recommended.

Jenni 28  - Essex 

Unlocking My Potential 

Over the course of my career, I’ve been fairly successful in what I put my mind to but never fully unlocked the full level of my abilities. I always felt held back. It wasn’t until I started working with Stephen

did I truly unlock my potential (and still unlocking it).

Essentially, I had played the game of life with one hand behind my back and a head full of traumas. With only 2 sessions I’ve removed and let go of 6 MAJOR triggers that kept me in a state of being used, having only a fragment of my true self-worth, and shedding years of shame and guilt.

Thank you, Stephen, with every session, I feel more in control of my life and can finally play at my highest potential.

Adil Amarsi

New  Journey Begun When Nothing Else Was Working

Well. Tonight has been very interesting. I've had some personal problems that I've been trying to deal with. I have sought help from GP's, Counsellors and the help of medication. For me personally none of this worked. Tonight I had my first session with Stephen Jakes. "#insideouteffect" I have begun a new journey with him and with his help I can get to where I want to be in life. It won't happen overnight but I have complete trust that I will be in good hands in the coming weeks. My eyes have been opened to what is out there for people in my position. I'd highly recommend his expertise in matters of the mind. I can't thank you enough Steve it was tough but well worth it. May you enjoy much success. Atb.

Mark Norris

Panic Attacks And Anxiety 

Amazing! It finally happened for me! I've had panic attacks, anxiety, depression and worse. I've been struggling for so long, I've tried every therapy out there, counselling, CBT, EMDR, etc. Nothing has ever given the feeling I had during my session with Stephen today! I actually felt those horrible feelings leave me. Didn't realise how I really felt about myself & how much I've been holding myself back. Stephen got rid of the anger, shame, guilt and loneliness I'd held onto since I was 17, that's 20 years! Actually feeling I deserve to be happy, that I have the power to be happy. I know how hard it can be, how desperate & isolated you might be feeling. I also know that while it feels impossible, you will feel better & make your way out of that hole you're stuck in. Anyone reading this and experiencing anxiety, depression, traumas, illness, in fact anything that you're struggling with, get in touch with Stephen Jakes. Thank you so much Stephen, can't wait to get rid of the rest of the nonsense in my head!

Stephen Jakes you did it again! I had been struggling with my confidence during presentations and interviews, but after our session this week I really did myself proud. I was a little nervous beforehand but as soon as I got in there, I had all the confidence in the world and actually enjoyed it. Thank you! Can't wait for my next session!

Suzi Musk

Wish I Had Done This Years Ago 

I had a appointment with Stephen today, all I can say is Wow! I wish I had
done this years ago, to get rid of all the negative triggers.. totally recommend the Inside out Effect!! You won’t be disappointed..

Thank you x

Claire Hughes

Calmer, Clear Head 

Stephen was Recommended to me by a good friend and even after our first quick chat on the phone I already felt comfortable & confident in what he does. We had our first session last Sunday and I can honestly say for the last week I’ve never felt calmer & my head clearer! Thank you 

Sami Holland

Amazing What Steve Does 

It is just amazing what Stephen does. ❤️🙏He just switch off my overthinking, helps me to understand what I really want, to get rid of negatives and to be happy and positive. Thanks for today Stephen, feeling much much better and happier. Looking forward to seeing you again!!

Inga Liberciuk‎ 

Simply Mind blowing

Yet another great session with my good friend @stephenjakes ... chipping away at the layers of my very complexed 'onion' as I like to call it. As always, I feel happier, healthier and ready to go achieve the life of my dreams. After each session I can't really even explain not only how good I feel, but the person I am becoming, it's simply mind blowing this transformational journey that I am on after meeting Stephen last summer. 

Yet another fantastic session I have just had with my good friend and therapist Stephen Jakes , I have been in a state of panic all week as my doggy Cadbury was really poorly, which was triggering my migraine and also causing me to be sick. This has been going on since Monday and I've barely slept through worry!!!

I have a session with Stephen, he finds all the emotional triggers that were creating these physical responses in my body, and just like magic he switches them off and bobs your uncle I'm feeling 100% better!!!

It really is that simple, but I suppose the only way to know I'm not talking a load of nonsense is to check out his website , call him for a quick consultation and book yourself in, you certainly wont regret it!!! 

I am sharing podcast number two created by Stephen Jakes & his business partner Jonathon Shaw, which is one of many they have made. If you didn't catch my post sharing yesterdays, you can subscribe and get some fantastic information all about how this stuff really does work yourself. If something resonates with you in the podcast, or anything I've written in this post, then please like and share, so we can reach many other people that need help dealing with either mental or physical ailments. Just remember all physical responses in the body are linked to emotional triggers.

And there we have it, a solution to all of your problems no matter how big or small.... Xx

Zoe Peddubriwny

Powerful Unconcious Healing 

Thanking you Stephen Jakes! 3rd session today & man you understand the inner workings of the mind and how to clear unwanted learnings.From a good number of years of energy working (reiki) & meditation, including teaching mindfulness & meditation... the past month of your sessions has cleared more of my ‘subconscious’ than I would have ever deemed possible. THANK YOU

Chloe Holford Haggerty 

Stephen magically unblocks you 

Thank you for our Inside Out Effect session yesterday. It was so good a real eye opener and a lot to digest and think about. We are all zombies 🧟‍♀️ and need enlightening to this process. 

If anyone a bit ‘stuck’ or looping on the same 💩 get to see Stephen!!! He magically unblocks you!! 

Thank you x

Lucy Hansen‎

Anxiety & Limiting Thought Patterns

From Vicci.....
I wanted to write this while it's still very fresh in my somewhat blown away mind! I feel so blessed to have had my first session with Stephen Jakes today after applying for his very generous Free offer.
It took guts to email for this opportunity because like so many, there was "stuff" in my past I knew affected so much of my life now, and had done for many years, and to face it would need me to be brave, open and trust someone.
This "stuff" I had believed to be dealt with but had actually shoved it in a box at the back of my mind, cracking on with life like it never existed and ignored the recurring impact it was constantly having on me, with anxiety, limiting thought patterns, the choices I made, how I feel about myself with low self esteem and confidence... everything comes back to the surface eventually though and often with a mighty kick up the bum when it does.

Following a short-ish chat on the phone I dubiously arrived for my appointment not knowing what to expect at all. Stephen very soon put me at ease with his down to earth but passionate personality and while he talked me through the background of why he now does what he does I laughed, listened intently and can honestly say felt pennies drop into place. During our session today, I honestly didn't have a clue what to expect or what result it would have and I won't lie and say that I wasn't a little sceptical. But honestly, it was like a Wow! moment.
I'd be lying if I said it was easy, facing deep buried demons is never easy, but I felt I was in a safe place with someone I could trust - and that's certainly not an easy task for me.

I left the session truly feeling emotions that keep me stuck both in a cycle of patterns in life as well as preventing me moving forward, being true to myself and who I really am .. were actually switched off! I physically felt energy shift and afterwards felt exhilerated. There were a few tears but actually these came from release and happiness, and there was giggling as I realised something had changed!
All sounds quite mad, but if one session can seriously leave me feeling positive there has been a serious change connected to this "stuff" any further visits to Stephen would only open up so much opportunity and life changes.

I can't recommend the Inside Out Effect enough right now, best decision I made was in emailing for this opportunity. My next best decision will be to have more sessions, clear and free myself of more "stuff" that I just don't need anymore ... as these clear I know the world is my oyster and I will finally be able to live with a peaceful mind and focus on what I not only want but truly deserve. Thank you isn't enough Stephen, I know today has changed a part of my life in a way I didn't think possible and quicker than I could have imagined!

Thank you Vicci

Vicki From Essex 

Anxiety Gone In 1 Session 

I have been friends with Stephen for a long time and have seen a dramatic change in him, but I was still a bit sceptical of him being able to completely switch off my anxiety. Which was an emotional response regarding a messy break up to do with my house and home but low and behold it's gone in 1 session I couldn't believe it! I have literally no response to the whole ordeal I was so amazed that I also had some anger issues related to a couple of betrayals in my life, one of friends and one of family completely switched off I now have no responses to either! for all of the beliefs drummed into us about you can only cope with or deal with or man up to mental health and not heal it is complete drivel! I have seen it first and second hand that you can and my life has changed for the better thanks Stephen Jakes and the inside out effect

Trevor Smith

Trauma From Bad Car Crash Healed In 2 Hours 

So a trusted friend recommended I speak to Stephen as I was in a pretty bad car crash, mid April. I’d had CBT but in all fairness, it done nothing to help me.

So I had a session with Stephen and within an hour, the images, sounds and feelings I had associated with the accident and driving in general afterwards, were basically gone.

I don’t know how the hell it works, I don’t get it, I’m not even gonna pretend that I understand it, but it works. I’ve been driving around today all day with ZERO negative feelings or images and it’s unreal.

I highly recommend Stephen to anyone that has suffered a traumatic experience or just has things in their life they just aren’t happy about.


Thanks Stephen, it was a really experience!

Omar Shaker

Trauma From Bad Car Crash Healed In 2 Hours 

So after being in counselling for 2 years and learning how to live with anxiety and stress  I thought I had moved on and was getting on with life.


Met Steve at an event and after listening to what he had to say I quickly learnt I hadn’t actually dealt with anything. 

When someone asks you why are you learning to cope with stuff when you can switch it off, I  didn’t quite know how to answer and couldn’t believe it would be that easy to do but it actually is. 


Called Steve to help me with weight loss as I have tried every diet, every pill and nothing has worked. But I never realised just how much I was struggling with life and passed traumas. 


I’ve now done 5 sessions with Steve, haven’t discussed weight loss yet but what I have dealt with has made a massive difference. 

I’ve still got a long way to go, I got some Massive things to deal with but I know this works and can’t wait to get rid of all the passes trauma’s and triggers and start living my life.

I haven’t even got around to dealing with weight loss yet but just by clearing other stuff I’ve now lost 10lb without even  trying. 


I’ve introduced 2 other people to Steve and they have also benefited. I would recommend steve to anyone.

If your thinking of going to see him but ain’t sure, go you won’t regret it.

A year ago today I met Stephen Jakes at an event, spent most of the afternoon chatting and finding out what he does. Was telling him about my issues and he kept saying I can switch that off for you. I had tried everything else and nothing worked but reached out to him the very next day thinking what have I got to lose and it turns out it was the best decision I have ever made. The difference if has made to my life is unreal, only wish I had met him earlier. 

And with us all being in lock down, I’ve struggled,like a lot of people, just so glad he can work his magic over the phone. Thank you Steve 😘

Rebecca Denton


Nathan's Story

Watch this incredible testimonial from Nathan about how Stephen has transformed his life 

Anxiety & Mental Health 

Having known Stephen since we were teenagers, I saw a big change in him over the past couple of years on his Facebook page.
To be fair at first I was extremely sceptical of his claims that he could switch off problems and issues but having seen a number of testimonials from other people, I decided to get in touch with him to see what it was all about.

That was about 8 months ago now and the help he has given to me fortnightly has been what I can only describe as remarkable. Initially, we worked on self worth issues, lack of confidence, anxiety and my mental health. Things were progressing well then suddenly I suffered a family bereavement which turned my life upside down for a while. However, he has continued to be there for me and without his help and support I'm not sure where I'd be right now.

His working with me has helped me at every single session we have had and I'm very sure I'll be coming back for his invaluable assistance again and again. Family matters have thankfully been mostly resolved and we have since been working on a variety of issues from relationships, both personal and professional to overeating and many places in between.

I'm sure that without Steve's invaluable assistance I would never have got through the past 6 months and will be forever grateful to him for saving me from myself. I cannot recommend him highly enough and would strongly encourage anyone who may be struggling with anything that life is throwing at them, especially in these trying times, to give him a call. You really have got nothing to lose, well apart from thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you can really do without!
Go on, you know it makes sense!




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